Who is your favorite Silverwing character? (WARNING: Minor spiolers..just mini ones)


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I found a new book recently, it’s amazing! It has so many twists and turns, you can’t predict anything! It’s so shocking! You may think you know what’s gonna happen…then BLAHMO! YOU KNOW NOOOTHING! XD

Anyway, my point is it is very well written, has many surprises, and lovable characters. Here’s a brief summery…

Shade is the man character, he is a Silverwing bat in a colony of Silverwings, and a runt. His rivalry with Chinook, a rather strong bat, the one who torments and calls him runt, really starts it all. In his curiousity to see the sun..it causes a series of events to happen, and sets him off on an amazing adventure. Also, his father who died looking for the Humans who gave him and thousands of other bats these metal bands on their forarms. Shade is determinded to figure out the secret of the bands, and find his father. But many obsticles stand in his way, like Human cities, a cruel hard travel to Hibernaculum, and 3 foot long cannibal bats. The migration goes well until he gets lost from his colony..the adventure to follow is amazing.

I am currently 2/3’s of the way through the sequel, Sunwing. Even the sequals have absolutely SHOCKING events that you would never guess to happen. There are three books in the series; Silverwing, Sunwing, and Firewing. Kenneth Oppel (My new favorite author!) has another bat book, in which I plan to read after finishing the Silverwing series. It’s called Darkwing, and sounds reaaaally cool! It goes millions of years back..I don’t know much, but I know I’m gonna read it!

Please check these books out, and more from Kenneth Oppel! (Not like I’ve read his others…or care to 😛 I like his bat stuff ^^) REAAADD ITT (And don’t flip through the books, spoilers are EVERYWHERE!)

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My best friend Olivia!

Hiya! It’s me again, but, I’d like to tell yaz about my bffl Olivia. She’s such a greatb friend, we have so much in common, and to give a shoutout to her, thanks for being an awesome friend. 🙂 *hugz* We have sooooo many inside jokes! And I’ll tell you a FEW. The rest remain our special little secrets *snickers*. Once, we went to Izzy’s together, and a small green pea somehow got on the windowseal (we were in a booth by the window) and we sat there looking at it…..it was staring at us almost, and were like: ITS GONNA KILL US!! (if u dont find it funny, dont complain to me!! neggitive comments shall be pounded with awesome come-backs. u had to have been there)…well….anywho….those are some of our jokes. tho we have many! but yeah, this post is just to thank her, for sticking up for me, being funny and kind, and being who she is. thanks eternaly Olivia.

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